2016 popular about 100,000 chronographs

Who says chronographs are rolex uk just designed for racers? In fact, it is not friends, although ordinary people generally do not open the car, but the choice of chronograph is the pursuit of replica watch its movement stability and winding efficiency, after all, the performance of each person is different. The following recommended three about 10 million and 2016 is the most favorite users of the watch, take a look at it Watch Comments: This Rolex models of Daytona series of fake watches, can be called the ultimate timeless watch. Rolex Cosmos was born in 1963, designed to meet the timing needs of professional endurance racing drivers. Therefore, this watch and the world's pursuit of the performance and performance is exactly the same. White round dial on the 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock position, respectively, there are time to display time-consuming hours and minutes, the timer can be accurate to the central second hand to 1/8 seconds, accurate and reliable time. Strap is composed of three rows of large, flat links, extremely strong, but also Oyster series in the most widely used a strap. Watch equipped with Cal.4130 model movement, power reserve up to 72 hours. Watch Comments: This series of national pilot series of watches, in the "2016 users favorite watch selection" activities, chronograph watch top one, up to 500 votes. Presumably first to attract everyone is the appearance of black ceramic case, black dial 12 o'clock position to read the way to show the cumulative hours and minutes, timing read as usual as simple and convenient. Glass watch mirror assembly is stable, can withstand sudden drop pressure and not loose, and soft iron inner shell to protect the movement from the magnetic field effect. Plus screw-in crown and double-sided anti-reflective convex sapphire glass watch mirror, is indeed a modern watch fans in the highly respected watch. Watch equipped with 89361 model self-winding movement, the full chain power reserve up to 68 hours. Watch Comments: This Jaeger-LeCoultre Master series watch, case is made of ceramic material, dynamic matte effect unique. The display panel on the center of the dial is equipped with a timer and day and night display function, and the display of the second time zone indicated by the gray hollow pointer. Dial on the gray and white, coupled with a bright blue with beating, in color with the people is refreshing. Even in the dark, the advantage of the luminous time scale is easy to read the time, 5 o'clock position with a date display window, coupled with the patented compression screw device crown, excellent waterproof performance, is not a Get the quality of time watch. Watch equipped with 757 model movement, with automatic winding function, power reserve 65 hours.

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